We at Fairfax Motors can offer a wealth of different service and repair options.


Regular and correct servicing of your vehicle is crucial to the reliability, efficiency and safety of your vehicle. Fairfax Motors are equipped to handle everything from tyres, cambelts, full and intermediate servicing, Aircon servicing and brakes.
We supply a complimentary valet with every service, can collect and deliver your car free of charge (within a reasonable distance) and also have courtesy cars available to keep you mobile while we service your car.

An MOT check is required by law. and at Fairfax Motors we are category 4 registered for MOT services. We will also send out an advisory in plenty of time when your next MOT is due. Get an MOT done at the same time as a service and we will only charge you half the cost. The RRP for an MOT is £54.85 and £27.50 with a full service.


Fairfax Motors has the equipment and skills to offer specialist welding and metal repairs/fabrication on various grades of Steel and Alloy, T45 Roll Cages, bespoke fabrication and manifolds/exhausts..


Vehicles will have either low or high pressure fuel injectors which are integral to the smooth and efficient running of the engine. We offer a full operational test and report/ service for all makes and models of fuel injectors.


James Lingard had the foresight to know that Engine Diagnostics were to play a key part in motor car services and so 6 years ago invested heavily to bring the equipment and skills to Fairfax Motors to ensure this vital element could be catered for at a level you would expect from a main dealer.

Engine Diagnostics are complex and it is not just a case of ‘Plugging in’. The terminal will generate a series of codes which direct the Technician to the problem area and this is why it is vitally important that our Technicians are trained on Engine Diagnostics as part of an apprenticeship at Fairfax Motors rather than in a class room environment.

Engine Diagnostics is the use of a computer terminal to communicate with the ECU’s, or Engine Control Module. This has revealed some interesting problems over the years including a family of mice wreaking havoc with the electrical systems and hoarding potato chips and cables in a nest behind the glove box. This interesting problem ended with a full rewiring of a number of systems within the car, and the eviction of the family of mice.

We also offer ANSU injector testing.


Fairfax Motors have a long standing relationship with a number of Business who run a fleet of vehicles. We can provide regular servicing and MOT for all your fleet vehicles .

James Lingard;

“At Fairfax we pride ourselves on our customer service.”


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